We have been operating offline for more than 20 years through our brick and mortar shop ''Markaz Sheraton'', and have managed to build a vast client base including; homeowners, contractors, hotels and retailers. Sample of our big client base includes (but not limited to):

 - The Arab Contractors.

- Hassan Allam Holding.

- Redcon Construction.

- China state construction.

- Hilton Hotel Cairo.

- Concorde Hotel Cairo. 

Since October 2018, We decided to take our business online through https://markazzy.com/

 with a clear mission to raise awareness on home improvement products and their benefits.

We have decided to focus our attention on homeowners and specially DIYers due to the enormous market in other countries around the world. The DIY industry is predicted to be worth 13.9 billion USD by 2021. People are shifting towards DIY more than ever, yet there still seems to be a huge gap in the market in the Middle East.


Studies show that due to home ownership becoming increasingly more difficult for millennials worldwide, once they become homeowners, their preference on furnishing and finishing their home lies within DIY. Consumers are seeking to paint, remodel, re-floor and tile their homes without the need for a contractor. Moreover, there is a heavy reliance on internet research and YouTube videos in order to research, purchase and plan their new project.


Not only is DIY being utilized to cut costs, but it also bolsters independence for women, with statistics showing that nearly 50% of DIY consumers are female. In the society we are currently living in, in which women are encouraged to have equal rights, we are seeing an increase in the percentage of women successfully undertaking DIY projects. In addition to this, DIY has an abundance of benefits when it comes to improving skill. DIY improves problem-solving skills, and Psychological studies have also shown that building something with your hands is not only a satisfying feeling, but it adds value to an objects worth. A google study showed that 47% of home improvements projects were done because people take pleasure in doing DIY projects.


Since the launch of our website and our social media presence in January 2019, we have managed to grow our fan base steadily and we have followers who love the products we sell and the information we provide about them. We have a large number of followers who are not only interested in the products, but are willing to pay for workshops in order to further understand how to become skillful within DIY projects.


For us, it is not enough to just sell our products. We want to ensure that our customers get the best out of what we sell, so that we can encourage them to do more projects in the future. We show customers how to use these products, and in the future we are planning to create a YouTube channel full of ‘how to’ videos. 88% of DIYers watch how-to videos online.


In addition to this, we are currently in the process of organising workshops in collaboration with big brands to demonstrate and guide people through the process of DIY, showing just how easy, accessible and fun it can be.


Markazzy is not only serving home owners and DIYers, we are helping engineers, purchasing excutives and building materials retailers “Mwaneen” to find information about the materials they need and compare prices very fast using a friendly website.