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  • Name: Betonal
  • Brand: CMB
  • Type: Release Agent
  • Material: Liquid oil
  • Size: 1 Kg
  • Technical Data
  1. Solid Content: 63%
  2.  Density: 1,47± 0,05 kg/l
  • Application:
  1. a special formulated agent with chemical release properties, enabling easy stripping from concrete. it is far superior to traditional form oils.
  2. reacts with water in concrete to form a thin water repellent layer on the surface of the shuttering, thus enabling easy stripping from concrete and acts as a protection layer to steel and wooden shuttering.
  3. Can be used with all types of mould and concrete shuttering
  • Usage:
  1. For new shuttering no preparation of the surface is required.
  2. For used shuttering, all traces of cement and previously used form oils must be removed.
  3. applied by brush, roller, sprayer or sponge in the form of a uniform thin coating prior to concreting.
  4. On metal, glass-fiber or any other impervious surface, one coat is sufficient. On new plain timber surfaces a further coat, it should be applied before placing concrete.

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