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Name: Castoxy

Brand: Coloresin

Type: Transparent epoxy compound for deep transparent applications

Material: Solvent free epoxy resin

Size:1.35 kg, 0.675 kg (two components A+B)


Castoxy is used for deep transparent applications up to 1.5 “

(depends on the application ,piece size ,temperature and humidity) 


       mixing ratio: 100 A: 35 B

       Mix thoroughly the two components ( A and B ) slowly for 3 minutes then begin to pour 

Working conditions:

  • Working time : 60 mins
  • Final hardening : 34-36 hour 
  • Full hardness : 8 days

Health and safety:

  • Safety tools must be used like gloves and eye goggles
  • Do not eat or smoke during use 
  • Ensure good ventilation 
  • In case the material touched your skin should be cleaned by water and soap
  • In case the material touched your eyes should be immediately cleaned with plenty of water and see specialist 
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