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  • Name: Ceroplast
  • Brand: CMB
  • Type: Waterproofing
  • Material: Bitumen Latex Emulsion
  • Size: 4 Kg, 15 Kg
  • Technical Data:
  1. Density: (kg/liter) 1.00 ± 0.02 • PH 9 - 11
  2. Heat resistance -25 to +100 °C
  3. Rate Of Use: • 1-2 kg/m² (for roofs and moist rooms). • 3 kg/m² (for cellars and under ground structures).
  • Application:
  1. Water proofing of roofs, moist rooms, showers, swimming pools, basins, reservoirs, tanks, balconies and terraces, basement and undergrounds structures, foundations, cellars, bridges, retaining walls and abutments.
  2. Adhesive for plastic sheeting, Styrofoam, cork on concrete surfaces and floor tiles.
  3. When mixed with about 30% powder filler, it could be used as joint sealant with good elastic properties.
  • Usage:
  1. CEROPLAST should be stirred well before use.
  2. All surfaces must be firm and thoroughly cleaned of loose particles, oil and grease. • Holes must be filled and masonry joints must be flush-jointed. • Apply primer coat of CEROPLAST or CEROTEKT 1 diluted with water 1:2 - 1:3 ( according to porosity and dampness of the surface ) and allow to dry for one or two hours before subsequent application .
  3. Apply the required quantity of CEROPLAST in two or more layers using brushes or specially designed sprayers for thixotropic coatings. To facilitate application, CEROPLAST may be diluted with 10-20% water.
  4. Each coat is to be applied about 6 hours after the previous one, when it becomes enough to walk on.
  5. The application tools are to be moistened with water before use and at intervals during application and thoroughly cleaned with water.

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