Cerotekt 1

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  • Name: Cerotekt 1
  • Brand: CMB
  • Type: Waterproofing
  • Material: Coating Bitumen Emulsion
  • Size: 4 Kg, 15 Kg
  • Technical Data:
  1. Density: (kg/liter) 1.00 ± 0.02
  2. PH: 9 - 11
  3. Rate of use : • As additive for cement 20 - 40 kg / m3 • For water proofing 1 - 2 kg/m2 . • For CEROTEKT 1 - mortar . 250 kg/m3 .
  • Application:
  1. Waterproof coating for roofs., wet rooms, floors, inside and outside walls underground structures.
  2. Interior and exterior water proofing membrane for underground and elevated water tanks and structures.
  3. Protective coating for foundations and underground structures against aggressive salts and chemicals in soil and underground water.
  4. Additive for screeds and plastering cement mortar to increase its permeability and resistance to rising damp.
  5. To produce bitumen based low shrink tough elastic screeds, plastering mortars and joint sealant.
  6. Anti-rust coating for machines and car elements.
  7. Adhesive for plastic sheeting, Styrofoam, cork, or concrete and floor tiles.
  8. Waterproofing for wood surfaces and joists.
  • Usage:
  1. Stir CEROTEKT 1 to a homogeneous liquid before use.
  2. The surface should be property cleaned.
  3. Apply a primer coat of CEROTEKT 1 diluted with water 1:2 or 1:3 (according to porosity and dampness of the surface) and allow to dry for one or two hours before subsequent application.
  4. Apply 2 or 3 coats of CEROTEKT 1 using brushes rollers or sprayers.
  5. To facilitate application, especially when sprayed, CEROTEKT 1 may be diluted with 10- 20% water.
  6. To produce water-proofing low-shrink tough elastic mortar for special screeding, plastering and joint sealing use the following mix: 6kg cement+14kg CEROTEKT 1 + 80kg sand and add as much water to obtain the required workable consistency.
  7. Application tools should be moistened with water before use and at intervals during application and thoroughly cleaned with water use.
  8. A suitable layer should be made to protect CEROTEKT 1 against atmospheric conditions. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned from grease, laitance, loose material, and rust (in case of steel).

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