Cetox Fix

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  • Name: Cetox Fix
  • Brand: CMB
  • Type: Waterproofing
  • Material: Cementitious powder
  • Size: 4 Kg
  • Application:
  1. Fixing of bolts into concrete and masonry.
  2. quick waterproofing purposes under strong water leakage conditions
  3. Sanitary and electrical installations
  • Usage:
  1. Base surface should be solid, firm, and free from dust, oil, grease and loose particles.
  2. Base surface must be prewetted.
  3. CETOX FIX is to be mixed only with water but without any other binding material as cement, lime, or gypsum.
  4. Mix only in small quantities which can be used within maximum 2 minutes.
  5. Setting starts just after 2 minutes of mixing and no additional water or further mixing is possible.
  6. Clean tools directly after work with water.

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