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  • Name: Cetox H
  • Brand: CMB
  • Type: Adhesive
  • Material: Paste 
  • Size: 1, 5, 18Kg
  • Technical Data:
  1. Color: Beige
  2. Density: 1.50 ± 0.05 kg/l
  3. Viscosity Poise: 350± 10 
  4. PH: 8-9
  5. Rate Of Use: 800 -1000 gm / m2
    • Application:
    1. Is especially suitable for thin bed fixing of ceramic tiles, hard foam plates, fiberglass, mineral tiles on dry absorbent surfaces such as concrete, plastering, plaster board, aerated concrete, asbestos sheets and wooden surfaces.
    2. Can be used also for laying aerated concrete blocks and brick works.
    • Usage:
    1. The surfaces may be dry or moist, but must be clean and free from dust, loose particles, dirt oils, … etc.
    2. For ceramic tile fixing, apply CETOX H paste to the surface with a comb (3-4 mm. tooth height) and press tiles firmly into the adhesive bed.
    3. For wall levelling, add one part CETOX H to one part of cement and mix with water to the required consistency.
    4. For repair mortar, add one part CETOX H to sand at the ratio 1: 1 then 20 % cement is added to the mixture.
    5. CETOX H when mixed with cement, this paste must be used within 6-10 hours.
    6. All tools and equipment must be cleaned with water immediately after application.

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