Liters/weight: 20l
LE 700
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  • Name: Curasol 1
  • Brand: CMB
  • Type: Concrete Curing 
  • Material: Resin 
  • Size: 20, 200 Liter.
  • Technical Data:
  1. Color: Yellowish trans.
  2. Consistency: Sprayable liquid
  3. Solid ratio: 10%
  4. Density at 25°C: 0.80± 0.02 (kg/L)
  5. Rate of use: 6-8 m2 /l
    • Application:
    1. Highways, bridges, retaining walls, irrigation canals and airport runways and all concretes
    • Usage:
    1. CURASOL 1 should be sprayed as soon as possible the placing of concrete and the disappearance of bleeding water On vertical surfaces after stripping of the formwork, spray the concrete thoroughly with clean water, then apply CURASOL 1 .

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