Weight: 1kg
type: 1
LE 55
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  • Name: Kem Solve
  • Brand: CMB
  • Type: Solvent 
  • Material: Liquid
  • Size: 1 Kg
  • Rate Of Use:
  1. 0.79±.02 (Kg/l) 
  • Application:
  1. Thinning of solvent free epoxy as products
  • Usage:
  1. Add the required quantity of solvent to component A and mix mechanically very well, then add component B and mix thoroughly using a slow rotating electric mixer (maximum 300 r.p.m) for 2-3 minutes.
  • Safety:
  1. Application should be carried out in a well ventilated place.
  2. Gloves, protective clothing and eye goggles should be worn during application.
  3. Skin contaminations should be immediately cleaned with soap and plenty of water.
  4. If the material is splashed into the eyes, these should immediately washed with water, and then report to an eye specialist.
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