Master Flow 544

Weight: 30KG
LE 135.99
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MasterFlow 544 is a ready-to-use product in powder form, which requires only on-site addition of water to produce a non-shrink mortar of predictable performance.

Where is MasterFlow 544 applied?

MasterFlow 544 is formulated for use at plastic consistency, and may be used with confidence for bedding, repairing, grouting and void filling operations such as: 

  • Concrete repairs 
  • Void filling between old and new concrete 
  • Floor patching 
  • Packing under columns and stanchions 
  • Caulking of concrete pipes 
  • Filling tie-bar holes 
  • Re-profiling of stanchion or mast bases when formwork is undesirable

What are the advantages of MasterFlow 544?

  • Non-shrink 
  • Adjustable consistency 
  • Proven and predictable performance 
  • Trowellable 
  • High bond strength to steel and concrete 
  • Early strength development 
  • Good fatigue and impact resistance 
  • Impermeable

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