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  • Name: Selfoam PU Foam
  • Type: Filling and insulation material
  • Material: polyurethane-based, one-component filling and insulation material that hardens with the humidity of the air
  • Features: 
  1. It is single component.

  2. Cures with the humidity of the air.

  3. It provides excellent adhesion to many building materials such as wood, concrete, tile, metal, aluminum. (excluding polyethylene, silicone and teflon)

  4. It provides sound and heat insulation.

  5. After curing, it can be cut and painted.

  6. It has very good filling (expansion) capacity.
  • Application and Usage Areas: 
  1. It is used infixing and mounting door and window frames,

  2. Filling openings and gaps,

  3. As a filling in all roof constructions,

  4. It is used in sound and heat insulation systems.

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