Sika Seal 107

Color: Grey
LE 425
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A waterproof polymeric cement paint consisting of two components for protection. It is used for concrete and mortar constructions to prevent water filtration.

Consumption rate:

10 meters, two sides of each sack, approximately 25 kilos.


  • Sewage treatment projects including concrete sedimentation tanks, boilers, clarifiers, analysis tanks, etc.
  • Basements, balconies and terraces.
  • Bridges and bridges.
  • Retaining walls and walls exposed to sea water.
  • Small flat roofs and swimming pools.


  • Easy to use.
  • Emulsion consistency or can be mixed as a mortar.
  • High adhesion to strong intact surfaces.
  • Waterproof, high elasticity and nontoxic.
  • High frost and de-icing resistance.
  • Spray can be used in its application.
  • Fit for drinking water.

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